- Starforged Files
These files for use with Ironsworn Starforged were made avoiding all copyrighted material. You need the full game (or Preview Edition) to use them.
Space and Planetary Port Type Oracle: This pair of oracles gives you a type to add to your settlement name. It's not intended to be so specific that it impacts other aspects of the settlement like its projects. For example, instead of just being called Williamson, rolling a 98 on the space port type would name it Williamson Terminal and if you rolled 98 on the planetary port type oracle it would be called Williamson Vista. This is inspired by how the video game Elite Dangerous named its space and planetary ports.
[ Space and Planetary Port Type Oracle: Download PDF v2021-06-29 ]
See the How-to PDF for details on what's in the pack of templates and how to use them. You can download the PDF first, below, to decide if you'd like to download the entire pack.
[ How To Use The Templates: Download 102 KB ]
[ Templates for Ironsworn Starforged Preview Edition: Download 7z v2021-08-29 646 KB ]
Thanks to Shawn Tomkin for making elegant, imaginative, and inspiring storytelling games like Ironsworn and Ironsworn: Starforged. Thanks also to Steve Morrison whose Errant Adventures podcast season 1 featured an exciting Starforged adventure, and to Matt Risby's very entertaining The Bad Spot Podcast.
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