Elite Dangerous: 4th Quadrant Expedition Week 1

"Elite Dangerous"

As an explorer and trader in Elite Dangerous I rarely do impulsive or dangerous things. Joining the 4th Quadrant Expedition Leg #2 Middle Spiral at the last minute was very impulsive and so far has been worth it. The views and nonstop exploration have been delightful.

I've never been this far from the bubble aside from my trip to Colonia, the other region of inhabited, -er I mean human-inhabited space. It's dead quiet out here -- there are no NPCs to bother trying to interdict me as I sail between worlds, scanning, mapping, and cataloguing the odd bits of plant life here and there.

Fleet carriers are impressive things -- I've never flown on one until now -- and the owner of the carrier as well as the other pilots I've chatted with on Discord on this trip are a friendly crew hailing from Brazil and Germany. It's a long expedition, and I'm hoping to stay with it the whole trip.