Elite Dangerous: 4th Quadrant Expedition Week 10

"Elite Dangerous"

I spent some of week 10 seeking out more Notable Stellar Phenomena, but was thwarted from scanning one particular item by a bug. The Composition Scanner wouldn't log the Cobalteum Rhizome Pods I found in a couple of systems. I opened a bug report with the developer Frontier, for what it's worth. I haven't really sought out these phenomena before this expedition, so it could be that this kind of glitch might be more common than I've seen so far. It's a massive simulated galaxy. The big database is bound to have corrupt data in it here and there. This pod was found near Proa Aick QJ-I d9-3 A.

"Elite Dangerous"

Fungoida remains one of the most difficult biologicals to scan. This is one of the most common forms it takes, and it likes to grow in very mountainous terrain. That means landing a medium sized ship is extremely difficult to do, and even landing outside and driving in with an SRV is very slow going with lots of rocks and steep climbs.

Thanks to the SrvSurvey companion application, I'm able to key in latitude and longitude coordinates and superimpose a heading, directional arrow, and distance onto the SRV or ship HUD. I take screen shots from the cockpit of biologicals – most easily seen in night vision mode – when flying low and slow in the mountains because the cockpit shows the current latitude and longitude. I also take a picture from the cockpit when I land outside the mountains in a flat spot so I can know where to return to in case I stray more than 2 kilometers from the ship.

Week 10 of the expedition ran from March 16th through the 22nd.