Elite Dangerous: 4th Quadrant Expedition Week 12

"Elite Dangerous"

Discovering even the lowly bacteria is lucrative in the deep black if others haven't found it before. I tend to try and spot them a low flying starship but if there are multiple types of biological I will venture out with the SRV and try and catalog everything within 2 kilometers of the ship. Taken on Meamue LI-Z d1-1 B 2.

"Elite Dangerous" "Elite Dangerous"

The sense of deep space in this game is unlike any other planet-bound MMO where players scurry about picking up quests, slaying monsters, and stumbling across other players often. Coming to a stop amidst notable stellar phenomena in an asteroid belt in a planetary ring I paused to think about how if I were to shut down my ship and just sit in the solitude of the ring, nobody would ever find me (assuming I was "playing in open"). This, I suppose, is why there are so many escape pods littering the dusty rocky bodies within the bubble -- nobody finds ships in distress in the almost infinite black so they crash and leave their pilots in suspended animation. Way outside the bubble there are no escape pods to be rescued. Taken in Oovsky Fruia RM-W d1-0 5 A.

"Elite Dangerous"

Clypeus is less common than things like bacteria. Taken on Oovsky Fruia FL-P c5-0 A 3.

"Elite Dangerous"

Frutexa is usually found in rocky terrain alongside fungoida, something more accessible by SRV. Taken on Oovsky Fruia RS-U d2-1 6.

Week 12 of the expedition ran from March 30th through April 5th.