Elite Dangerous: 4th Quadrant Expedition Week 3

"Elite Dangerous"

I had never seen a Luteolum Anemone show up on a surface scan let alone two within the same system so I was determined to see it and scan it. The biological, however, seems to like some pretty inhospitable places.

Planet 1 had them at 2.38 times Earth's gravity and an over 1400 degree Kelvin incinerating environment while planet 2 enjoyed a more carefree 1.54 G and 1000-Kelvin searing temperature. Somehow my SRV didn't melt at those temperatures, but to hear my suit computer tell it I all but caught fire immediately as soon as I stepped outside to scan them, my health ticking down steadily.

"Elite Dangerous"

I was very happy to leave that world after I'd gotten my scans.