Elite Dangerous: 4th Quadrant Expedition Week 9

In week 9 I took up the fleet carrier commander’s invitation to seek out the many rare “Notable Stellar Phenomena” present out at this 40,000+ light year distance from the start of our trip near the center of the human inhabited portion of the galaxy. Lagrange clouds hide giant ice crystals, metallic crystals, and seed pods that can be scanned with the Composition Scanner to log in your Commander’s Codex. I believe some of them can be harvested with research limpets, but I don’t have a research limpet controller aboard my Krait Phantom exploration ship.

"Elite Dangerous"

First up is this grit-choked dusty asteroid belt with large metallic crystals and seed pods. Taken near Oodgosly GI-B d13-11 7 B.

"Elite Dangerous"

I did take some time to scan some biologicals. This fonticulula was all by itself and I noticed a nearby moon was shedding some pleasant light into this greenish atmosphere world. Taken on OOdgosly QF-P b47-0 2 a.

"Elite Dangerous"

I noticed when I moved very close to these ice crystals in Blaei Phlue RX-U d2-4 that it started chilling my starship. The temperature dropped and frost formed on the canopy as if I had used a heat sink. I backed off, nervous about whether it could freeze me to death if I stayed near it for too long.

Week 9 of the expedition ran from March 9th through the 15th.