Elite Dangerous: This is Fine

"Elite Dangerous"

I've played Elite Dangerous for a long time, spending almost all of my time exploring and doing transport missions. Exploration is especially relaxing -- but there are risks if you step away from your computer.

Supercruise Assist is a form of autopilot which will guide your ship in the in-system faster-than-light supercruise mode, but it won't fly around stars and planets. Get too close and your frame shift drive will make an emergency shutdown, dropping you back into normal space.

The above picture is one such instance when I pointed my ship to a far off planet in the system and left the computer for a few minutes. Luckily I was able to turn around, snap this picture, then pop a heat sink and jump into supercruise again to fly away from the star. The heat sink kept me from overheating as the frame shift drive spun up to get me outta there. The star, in case you'd like to come and visit, is Col 285 Sector HK-T b18.