Ironsworn: Starforged TTRPG Form Templates


While Stargazer is the official, beautiful web app for tracking everything about a solo Ironsworn: Starforged game, a desire for supporting co-op play and supporting more detailed note-taking throughout led me to try my hand at creating document templates for my favorite TTRPG.

These five templates allow you to manage your StarForged games on your computer. They can be used as form-fillable PDFs or as LibreOffice Writer templates with no internet access necessary. Personally, I like to use them as Writer templates.

Four of the five Writer templates are available as form-fillable PDFs that you can use with Adobe Acrobat DC or a modern web browser that offers PDF editing. To use the fifth template -- the Assets x4 template -- you must use Writer to insert the card images before exporting to PDF. You can then take notes on the exported PDF as with any other form-fillable PDF.



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Change log:

  • 2023-11
    • How-To: added instructions for creating copies of the cards with 2nd and 3rd skills marked to use in the Assets template.
  • 2023-10
    • All: removed unnecessary Starforged prefix from all form filenames, e.g. Starforged_Sectorlocations_Form is now SectorLocations_Form.
    • All: added protected sections around labels and form controls.
    • All: Starforged footer link points to the Starforged product page.
    • All: Expanded Notes fields by removing the Notes label and adding (notes) in the box itself to be overwritten.
    • Character sheet: improved footer with version number, updated control sizes and alignments, updated condition meters to match release version by removing the + from non-zero values as they are always positive.
    • Sector Locations: adjusted and aligned all controls for a neater fit and look.
    • Assets x4: replaced moonscape card images with placeholder asset title card images, updated control alignments and sizes.
    • Added placeholder cards asset_card_title_page.pdf and asset_blank_opo9914d.png
    • Deleted the Assets x6 template.
    • How-To: rewritten, added screen shots.
  • 2021-08
    • Initial release.

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